Never Be Without Power In Your Home With A Home Generator

As a responsible homeowner, you want to be sure your home is prepared for any eventuality. When a nasty storm comes through the area and threatens to leave you without power for an extended period, a backup home generator is one of the best things you can have in place. With home generators, you can ensure your home has a steady power supply no matter what. Here at Star Light Electric LLC, we have experienced Phoenix electricians who can help you with the installation.

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Why Choose Star Light Electric LLC for Home Generator Installation?

Be Prepared for Extended Power Outages

Here at Star Light Electric LLC, we understand how frustrating it can be when you’re stuck without power for great lengths of time, especially during the hot summer months. With a home generator, however, you keep your home operating even during extended outages, allowing you and your family to stay comfortable in your home no matter what the weather outside might be like. 

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Why Should You Have a Home Generator Installed?

Home generators offer many advantages for homeowners. They provide a reliable source of power during outages and can also help save money on energy bills by providing an alternative power source. Generators are also a great way to reduce energy consumption, as they can be used to power certain appliances and lighting during peak energy times.

When choosing a home generator, it’s essential to consider your home’s size and energy needs. Home generators are available in various sizes and power outputs, so you’ll have the flexibility to select the best model for your home. It’s also essential to ensure that your generator is installed correctly, as improper installation can be dangerous.

No matter which type of generator you choose, you can rest assured that your home and family will be protected from unexpected power outages. Home generators are designed to provide a reliable power supply during an outage and can also be a backup power source for your home’s essential appliances. Generators also provide an additional layer of protection from natural disasters like hurricanes and severe storms.

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Star Light Electric LLC Will Help You Choose the Best Home Generator for Your Needs

Working a lot like the engine in your car, home generators create mechanical energy by converting fuel (gasoline, diesel, or natural gas) into electrical power with the assistance of a heavy-duty, recharging battery. In case of a power blackout, home generators permit you to stay safe and comfortable until power is reestablished all the more quickly. 

A generator can keep your refrigerator, freezer, sump siphon, heater, oven, lights, fans, and more operational when you experience a power misfortune.

Generator Use Cases:

    • Blackouts – Boundaries in temperature can keep the power grid from generating enough energy to satisfy the need.
    • Inclement Weather – Lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, and heavy wind can knock down power lines and damaged transformers.
    • Damage from Animals – The loss of power equipment by animals is second to severe weather as the primary source of power misfortune.
    • Natural Disasters – Earthquakes, floods, and fires cause broad power outages for many consumers yearly.
    • Auto Accidents – Cars colliding with power posts cause surprising interruptions in service by harming electrical equipment.

Types of Generators

    • Portable Home Generators – Home generators power a couple of fundamentals until power is reestablished. They should be physically begun and associated with essential appliances. Portable models cost not strictly backup models, regularly around $500 to $1,500. However, they can work on a couple of devices on the double. They also accompany the additional threat of carbon monoxide, harming the off chance that they work in the wrong areas.
    • Home Standby Generators – Home backup generators are powered by natural gas or propane. Utilized related to programmed move switches, they naturally turn on when the power goes out to forestall a break in service. Yet, that accommodation and true serenity will cost you: home reserve generators cost somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000. The venture might be justified, despite any trouble, when most of your home’s electrical gadgets consistently change to reinforcement power at whatever point your electricity goes out.
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